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Empathetic AI

We are dedicated to developing Emotional Artificial Intelligence technologies, compliant with the EU’s AI Act, to revolutionize user interactions with a personalized, empathetic, and ethical approach. Our research extends from digital applications to robotics. We design systems that understand and respond to users’ emotional needs while eliciting enchantment.

Large Language Models (LLMs)
AI Act Compliance

3. AI for Decision Support

We are developing hybrid AI solutions for decision support, integrating constraint programming and recommendation systems. The goal is to facilitate the modeling of combinatorial optimization problems that include quality criteria essential for the practical deployment of solutions but difficult to express symbolically, such as fairness, resistance to change, and human preferences.

Recommendation Systems
Constraint Programming

4. Ethical and Responsible AI

Our team is committed to developing ethical and transparent AI systems that comply with EU prerequisites, with a special focus on environmental respect and user rights. We specialize in creating artificial intelligence systems classified as high-risk in the AI Act, adhering to high ethical standards, and ensuring transparency and accountability in all our innovations.

Ethical Approach
Audit of an existing system
AI Act Compliance

Neuro-Symbolic AI

Neuro-Symbolic AI represents a major advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. This innovative technology seamlessly blends two traditionally distinct branches of AI: symbolic artificial intelligence, which focuses on rule-based reasoning and logical symbols, and neural artificial intelligence, which excels in learning and pattern recognition from vast amounts of data.

Advanced Reasoning Capabilities
Advanced Emotional Intelligence
Constraint Programming
Hybrid AI