Artificial Intelligence and Environment: Alliance or Nuisance? (French)

This book discusses the complex environmental impact of artificial intelligence (AI). On one hand, AI contributes to pollution due to its intensive energy and resource requirements. On the other hand, it is crucial for environmental progress, especially in resource management and combating climate change. The text explores current and potential applications of AI in solving environmental problems, highlighting successes and challenges across various sectors. It includes case studies and insights from experts in green AI, while addressing the negative aspects of AI and proposing solutions for a more sustainable approach. The book aims to guide policymakers towards an AI usage that is beneficial for the environment, economy, and society.

Ethical Approach
Hybrid AI
Audit of an existing system

The Enchantment of the Customer (French)

The book "The Enchantment of the Customer" by Alexandre Dubarry is a practical guide on the importance of creating memorable customer experiences to stand out in a competitive market. It emphasizes enchanting customers as a key to success, going beyond product quality or price. The book offers strategies to establish a strong emotional connection between customers, products, and the brand, and includes advice for involving employees in this process. It is enriched with testimonials from professionals and offers concrete tips to turn a service or product into a unique experience.

Advanced Emotional Intelligence
Emotional AI